Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

Making of the Robe a la Francaise

 Sharing secrets.

Well, I made a making-of while i was working on the Rococo-Gown! I dont wanna go into explaining too much about the process, i think the pictures speak for itself. Now these are really secrets i share here with you, hope you get inspired to try it by yourself. Remember, i am completely self taught. All i have is passion, the Internet and a little help from friends who work in the costume department in the Theater. I know it might not be perfect and i am not satisfied with the Contuche (i need to do one more pleat the next time so that i falls better) in the back, but for a first try i think it's not bad.

So here it goes:

So if you have questions, feel free to ask me anything! I hope you like it...

Be kind to one another,


Dienstag, 10. September 2013

Making of the Landscape-Model

 Here is the deal: When i went outside to take pics with my Barbie it always bothered me that i could not photograph her as a whole since the scale was not correct. And because i have a friend who does scale models for trains i figured, i could do this for Barbie. I went online and looked for tutorials on youtube (Watch it here) and i have to say, it is easier than you might think. You just need good material, patience and creativity.

Take a look:

Hope youre inspired. Have fun creating your own! Ask me if you wanna have tips!

Be kind to one another,


1745-75 Robe a la Francaise / Contouche

Madame de Pompadour vous embrasse!

 So I finally had time to shoot the Robe a la francaise ! I made this gown already 6 months ago but just didn't have time to take pics. So here it is!

When I think of rococo i think of this shilouette! It might be the most iconic ones. The Contouche was in fashion almost the whole 18 century and was worn with paniers or a crinoline to give the skirt a oval shape. In the back, it is pleated and falls down lose like a cape.

I had a hard time to make the pattern but it worked out wonderful and i am very proud of it. There is a corset with boning worked into it. As you costume-lovers out there might have noticed, the hairstyle is not completely accurate for the time. It should be smaller since the big hair started later. But i thought why not combine the two the two most iconic rococo things and go big? Hope you like it.

I also made a little landscape-model and a new dollstand. I will post a making of of this work soon!

Listening to: Mozart - 'Piano Sonata No.11'


 I used 'Fab 40ties' -Barbie and gave her a Reroot with Saran hair in a custom blend with Azure-Blue and HiHo-Silver (both from I also 'Powdered' her with Dry-Shampoo. Jewlery as well as the hairstyle is, of course, also made by me.

Be kind to one another,