Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

❀ Frédérique's ❀ Handkerchiefdress...

A tribute to Kikihalb ♧ Forest~Tales ♧...

When i started looking for Inspiration on Flickr! i quickly found this artist who works with Blythe! She sew's really elaborate dresses and gowns, everything by hand and everything very detailed. It's a joy to go on her Flickr!-account and i found a Tutorial, which she shared! So i sat down and made a little dress out of a Floral printed cotton handkerchief, which is the trademark of Frèdèique, for Barbie.

I hope she smiles if she might by any chance ever see this ;)

I used Renaissance fair Barbie again for this Shooting! She's the one I started with. I finally gave her a Re-root in tickled pink and snow-white, saran hair from mylittlecustoms.
I made the Roombox, the screen/paravent and the flowers after the book 'The-Big-Book-Miniature-House', by Lea Frisoni (I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in making miniature's and Roomboxes). The sidetables are orders from Ebay 

Thank's for visiting!


Donnerstag, 24. September 2015

The lost Tuorial

It all started with a plaid dress...

When I started this Blog I had a little camera with which I shot my pics. I started working with my I-phone and Hipstamatic later. About a year ago, the camera got lost. When I found it a few days ago I uploaded the pics and found this little suprise. A making of my plaid dress, the very first I ever made!

Take a look....

                                    Watching Sharon Needles win Drag Race while sewing.

Sadly, that's all. But you can see how i place the boning and the pattern.

See you soon,


Mittwoch, 23. September 2015

Ginger Mona-Lisa...

So summer is almost over. I worked a lot on a Roombox but i am not ready enough to show it. But i feel comfortable to already talk about it, because it will be finished, soon...

I also made two Re-roots, one showing you with this post. I finally found time to transform my Mona-Lisa Barbie into a redhead!  I think she got the perfect lip- and eyecolour for red hair. She is one ot the rather rare Barbies to have her eyes painted to look slightly to the side, which makes her special!

I mixed 4 copper-tones to blend into this colour. She wears a simple blouse with lace and my first skirt ever! Weird, but i just made dresses until now.  

Also you can see my 'Test'-Roombox, as i like to call it. I had to start somewhere so I made a very small one, just to see how it all works.