Mittwoch, 23. September 2015

Ginger Mona-Lisa...

So summer is almost over. I worked a lot on a Roombox but i am not ready enough to show it. But i feel comfortable to already talk about it, because it will be finished, soon...

I also made two Re-roots, one showing you with this post. I finally found time to transform my Mona-Lisa Barbie into a redhead!  I think she got the perfect lip- and eyecolour for red hair. She is one ot the rather rare Barbies to have her eyes painted to look slightly to the side, which makes her special!

I mixed 4 copper-tones to blend into this colour. She wears a simple blouse with lace and my first skirt ever! Weird, but i just made dresses until now.  

Also you can see my 'Test'-Roombox, as i like to call it. I had to start somewhere so I made a very small one, just to see how it all works.

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