Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

❀ Frédérique's ❀ Handkerchiefdress...

A tribute to Kikihalb ♧ Forest~Tales ♧...

When i started looking for Inspiration on Flickr! i quickly found this artist who works with Blythe! She sew's really elaborate dresses and gowns, everything by hand and everything very detailed. It's a joy to go on her Flickr!-account and i found a Tutorial, which she shared! So i sat down and made a little dress out of a Floral printed cotton handkerchief, which is the trademark of Frèdèique, for Barbie.

I hope she smiles if she might by any chance ever see this ;)

I used Renaissance fair Barbie again for this Shooting! She's the one I started with. I finally gave her a Re-root in tickled pink and snow-white, saran hair from mylittlecustoms.
I made the Roombox, the screen/paravent and the flowers after the book 'The-Big-Book-Miniature-House', by Lea Frisoni (I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in making miniature's and Roomboxes). The sidetables are orders from Ebay 

Thank's for visiting!


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