Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2016

From the Future to the Past


                                          A Window Display fo the Wiener Haarfundus

                                                              My dear Fans and Visitors!

I am welcoming the doll-season 2016 with a window display i made fot the Wiener Haarfundus! So my Barbie`s are finally on Display!
I made the Miniature-Model in its entirety, except for the furniture. I also used Rement Miniature that I bought over the years.
So my theme was a tTime-travel Story, inspired by the Retro-Future from the 50ies and 60ies to bring together the two things i love the most - Historic gowns and Scifi!

If you are in vienna come by to see them at the Wiener Haarfundus , Salesianergasse 17, 1030!

 I used my favourite Rokoko-Barbies, who you already know.
The Girl with the Pastell-Pink hair is the one from my last Post, I just gave her a new hot-water-Perm and restyled her hair! There`s also a new Girl, the one with the Mint-green Hair! She used to be Barbie Basics-01 and got a Re-root in BlueSky, Turquoise and HiHoSilver, all Saran Hair from . 

If you  look closely you will notice, the idea was that the two modern Girls where traveling to the Past, they got the same Facemolds on both side... 

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