Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016

Making a Paravant 1/6 Scale

A Paravant after the book 'Maison Miniature` by Lea Frisoni 
I got the pattern for this sidescreen out of this great book. I cant share it since it's not mine but i highly recoment this book for everyone who wants to do miniature-art.

This is for the Inlays and will be needed later.


 After a coat of Gesso.

Unfortanatly there are no more pics, but i just paintet it gold. For the inlays i covered a sheet of paper with spray glue and layed a thin cotton fabric over it, then cut it back to A4 and just printet out the pattern you'll see on the bottom. This works really great but you have to watch out that everything stays very thin. After that you can cut it out with 0,5 cm seam allowance and glue it on to the cardboard cut out earlier. Then you glue it to the gold painted paravant and et voilà

For the top part

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