Montag, 29. September 2014

By The Lake

I made this lace-dress to be photographed underwater but I think I have to get used to the idea that there will be no Underwaterpics this year. We had a lot of rain in Austria and I didn't get much chance to get into the pool. So I went out to a Lake nearby to take this pics.

 So let's get wet, at least...


I used Green-Lantern Barbie, again.  I still think she's one of the best dolls ever produced. And I finally had a chance to take Barbie Basics Nr.5 out. She got a Reroot in a custom blend of black and dark blue.


Sonntag, 21. September 2014

Out in the Woods

A little bit 50ies....

So summer is almost over and I was out to take pics on, what seems to be, one of the last sunshine-days.

I made this Re-roots and dresses already in May and I'm happy to finally show them.

The dresses are 50ies inspired and have little petticoats underneath. I used thin cotton Moussline from Liberty and a simple cotton fabric for the contrast that I dyed myself.


 I used Barbie Basics nr.14 again. This time she got a Re-root in Hazelnut with Ash-blonde Summer-Streaks.

And I got Katniss with the new Facemold. I really love her and I wanted to bring out her green eyes. So she got a Re-root in Strawberryblonde with Golden-blond Streaks.

The both got hot-water-perms and i rolled them on big XL-Straws to give them a natural movement!