Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

Underwater Floating


I remember, when i was a child, i loved to play with Barbie in water. We have a huge garden where i grew up. There was a big conatiner with rainwater in the back. My parents used to water the flowers with it. I always used to play Barbie there. I can`t really remember what Storys i made up. Maybe she was on a desert Island or living underwater, like Arielle. But i remember that she always had to wear  flowy Gowns. I loved the way her hair and the Gowns moved...

I also want this Blogg to be about my Barbie-Fashion Photography and Inspiration for you, my Reader. As you already know, if you follow my posts,  I acctually still love to play with my Barbies. Just in more grown up way. Babie is the ultimate Fashion Model and she does not complain at all. You can do whatever you want with her. So this time, i was creative with water and tulle, to pay tribute, to my inner child..... Enjoy!

Listening to:  Abel Korzeniowski - `Drowning`(A single man Soundtrack)

I used, again, Renaissance Fair Barbie and Barbie Basics 002 Model Nr. 14. All pics are taken with my Hipstamatic-App on the I-phone! Fashion is a mix of Old&New, Playline and Collector-Line!

Hope you have a great summer so far!

Be kind to one another...


Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

Summer-Fashion Editorial

Dress: FleaMarket-Find, Hat: from some Ken-Fashion that is out right now, Shoes and Glasses: Barbie Basics 002/Look Nr 002


Summer is Back!

Since my Rococo-Dress takes more time than I thought, I decided to give my Barbie`s a Holiday in summer 2012 and do a Fashion Editorial. I have a lot of Barbie-Clothes at home. From Flea Market,  my Childhood. Also new Stuff.
I played Stylist and Photographer, took my Renaissance Fair Barbie and Barbie Basics Model Nr. 14 and went out. Enjoy...

Listening to: Mazzy Star- `Fade into you`

Top: From Barbie Basics 002, Model Nr 07, Skirt: A Holiday find from Thailand/From Jenny Doll, Shoes and Belt: Basics Red/Look 02
Dress: 80Ies Best buy Fashion from my Childhood, Jewellery: Barbie Basic Looks

Dress: Bridal dress from the 80ies, I guess...Maybe you can tell me. I don`t know where this is from.

Jeans: On Location: Barcelona Barbie, Top: Flea Market

Skirt: 80ies Best-buy Look from my childhood, Hat: Ken fashion from now, Accessoires: Barbie Basics Looks

I`m soon back to show off my rococo gown!

Have a nice summer, be kind to one another!


Ps: Still working on the `Follower-Thing`. Be patient please, somethings really messed up there.