Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

Summer-Fashion Editorial

Dress: FleaMarket-Find, Hat: from some Ken-Fashion that is out right now, Shoes and Glasses: Barbie Basics 002/Look Nr 002


Summer is Back!

Since my Rococo-Dress takes more time than I thought, I decided to give my Barbie`s a Holiday in summer 2012 and do a Fashion Editorial. I have a lot of Barbie-Clothes at home. From Flea Market,  my Childhood. Also new Stuff.
I played Stylist and Photographer, took my Renaissance Fair Barbie and Barbie Basics Model Nr. 14 and went out. Enjoy...

Listening to: Mazzy Star- `Fade into you`

Top: From Barbie Basics 002, Model Nr 07, Skirt: A Holiday find from Thailand/From Jenny Doll, Shoes and Belt: Basics Red/Look 02
Dress: 80Ies Best buy Fashion from my Childhood, Jewellery: Barbie Basic Looks

Dress: Bridal dress from the 80ies, I guess...Maybe you can tell me. I don`t know where this is from.

Jeans: On Location: Barcelona Barbie, Top: Flea Market

Skirt: 80ies Best-buy Look from my childhood, Hat: Ken fashion from now, Accessoires: Barbie Basics Looks

I`m soon back to show off my rococo gown!

Have a nice summer, be kind to one another!


Ps: Still working on the `Follower-Thing`. Be patient please, somethings really messed up there. 

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