Montag, 28. Mai 2012

1775-80 Polonaise Gown in progress...

My favourite Gown

I am crazy about this dress. It`s a polonaise dress from Janet Arnolds book `Patterns of fashion 1` and  dated between 1775-80. Ever since i first saw it i knew i had to make it some day. Now I feel like i wanna give it a try. Of course i will have to simplify it a bit for Barbie, particularly in the back. And I can`t make the embroidery on the Petticoat at this point. But I´m sure to do it one day. Let`s say for now, I´m just `inspired` by this Gown.

See the finished Gown already here  and  here!

I found a very nice fabric and my friend made me the pattern for the Bodice. For the skirt I will use the original pattern out of the book . This is what I have so far:

You can see I already got the lining for the front Bodice and the boning done. It took me a while to figure out how to set it right.  I hope to continue working on it this week . It may not be finished until mid June, but I`ll keep you updated.

The summer`s going to be very Rococo....

Watching for Inspiration: The Duchess (2008)

By the way: Is anyone out there reading my blogg? ;) 

Be kind to one another,


Ps: SEE THE FINISHED GOWN  here  and  here!


  1. Well there is now....;-)

    Your blog is interesting for me as I am just starting my own adventure into costuming on a small scale. I can't follow you yet though as your Follow widget is configured incorrectly. Instead of the following widget in your sidebar it says something about making sure your Friend-connect configuration has the same URL as the URL of this site. I hope you can fix it!

    I love the polonaise gown!

  2. PS: I see you have put boning in your stays for the bodice (and they look great!). May I ask what did you use for boning?

  3. Uh, I´m Very Happy to see someone response!!! Thank you! I´m working right now on the problem with the Follower side bar. As is I just started to get into blogging, it`s vey compicated. I messed something up. But i have help and hope to fix it till weekend!
    To answer your question: I used thin metal sticks which i cut in form to fit. They are usually used for wigs, to keep the wig in shape on the side. It`s a bit complicated to discribe in english. But since I know now that there is interest in that, I will do a post about it in future!! Thank you for reading my blogg! I´ll keep you updated!



    Ps: would also be interested in the things you do!

  4. Very Nice, pretty and good hand-making-jobb. Thank you!

  5. I love your blog! Very informative! I would love to make a dress like this someday! Barbie is so much fun to sew for!

  6. Thank u Rachel! U know, I found out that Skill comes with practice. Don`t forget, i never learned this. I just have passion and good nerve. There where a lot of dresses before this one. ;)