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Hoopskirt 1845-55

My inspirations. Bustles from 1858.

Sharing Secrets...

Greetings everyone!

 Since my new dresses won`t be finished until June/July and since i realised i already have one follower (i´m very happy about that!) I decided to do a post about my undergarments!

I´m stil in the romantic period between 1845-55, so this one i didn`t want to be too wide.

The shape of the underskirt is very important to the finsihed shilouette of the dress, so i took a long time to try an figure out what works. I was not satisfied with petticoat`s and i found out that a crinoline/hoopskirt is the only thing that works. This is what i came up with.
The shirt Mona-Lisa Barbie is wearing in the pic, is from Pirates of the Caribbean Angelica Barbie, which i bought for re-bodying.

To give the hoopskirt a little lift in the back an to make it more flat in the front i used a Bumroll underneath. And remember it`s miniature size, so the fabric of the skirt will also add a lot of volume. The bodice with the boning pushes the skirt down a bit.. More secrets stil to come! ;)

And because I had such a hard time to find Patterns for Historic Fashions for Barbie`s Model Muse Body I decide to share my Patterns. Hope you have fun with it! If you need help, write me a Message.
I used a very thin cotton fabric and for the boning thin plasic stripes out of real corsett-bonings. Just take the fabric double, sew it together by the lines, bone it and gatther it on top!

More to come!!

Be nice to one another,

My plaid dress that I love so much

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