Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

Making of New Gowns & Vivien Westwood!

Spring 2013 in the making. The secret is Steel-Boning. I use 3mm wide Steel Springs usually used for clocks.

A glimpse Look inside my new dress. Almost done. I  actually like to see it more as a Miniature-Gown than just a Barbie-Dress.

You can see Dance till Dawn Barbie getting a Silver&White Reroot here!

                                   Happy new 2013!

Since my last post was in July 2012 I just wanted to let you know what`s going on. I just simply had a lot of work this year a not much time for my little Hobby. I work in vienna as a freelancer Hairstylist and lucky for me i had a lot of great Jobs this year.  I worked for Vivienne Westwood! She opened up a store here in Vienna and did a great fashion Show for her Gold Label in the Kunsthistorischem Museum Wien! I`ll show you a few backstage pics to give you some Inspiration.

I also want to mention that i`m not a winter person. Winter does not inspire me. I wanted to do a christmas dress just for Fun, but my heart was not in it. So i decided to look straight forward to spring an give you some more Rococo Gowns! I´m working on them right now.  I also have a new passion for Re-rooting! From now on all my Barbie`s will be OOAK!

So, let`s look forward to spring 2013! I whish you all the best, thank you for following me,

Be kind to one another,

Love and Hugs,


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