Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

Barbie goes Grey Gardens

We can sit on paper.

Grey Gardens is a documentary from the 70ies. It`s about a mother an a daughter living together for 20 years. They where part of the high society from NY`s upper class in the beginning of the 21st century, but lost everything, exept the house in the Hamptons, till the end. Edith Bouvier Beale, related to Jackie Kennedy, and her daugther called Little Edie became Hoarders over the time. They lived together with more than 20 cats and a raccoon. Little Edie lost all her hair due to illness and created her own fashion Style by wearing turbans. She inspires designers like John Galliano who did a whole collection dedicated to her. HBO made their story into a wonderful movie with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lang in the leading roles.

There is this one house in our street. Rumor has it that the people, who used to live there, left over night about 15 years ago. I found out that the neighbours have a key and i just asked if i could sneak in for an hour to take a few pics! So it turned out that it was not a rumor at all. Everything was exactly where the owners, who seem to have been Hoarders, left it. There is even a christmas tree. It`s very disgusting but the perfect Grey Gardens!


Listening to: Drew Barrymore - Tea for Two

I used Paso Doble-Barbie and Sinatra-Barbie. Fashion is a Mix of New and Old!

Be kind to one another....



  1. i love barbie and i love little edie!!!! how perfect. i love your imagination. xoxo
    Jenée Naquin

  2. Thank u! Eddie gives a lot of inspiration!...;)