Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

1875-80 Robe à la Polonaise/ Part 2

Marie Antoinette vous embrasse!

 So the Polonaise Gown is finished! I already showed you some pics i made in my last post, when the gown was still not pulled into the polonaise. Also i choose to do a more natural hairstyle for the first part.

 I got a lot of nice feedback on my account on flickr  from you, my readers and i´m very happy about it! I see that there are so many talented people out there in the doll-world!

Now for Part 2 Marie Antoinette is back in all her high-hair Rococo Glory! I added ruffles on the bottom and i had to play around a bit with the polonaise. Since everything is so much smaller in this scale the fabric moves different. But i´m happy with the outcome.
She wears the bumroll (to which i already gave the pattern out) and a very simple underskirt. There is a Corset worked into the Bodice with steel-boning. I find this to be necessary to keep the skirt into palce and the waist slim. Also it gives the gown a more realistic `Rococo`- look with a flat chest.


Listening to: `The Key` - George Fenton (Dangerous Liaisons Soundtrack)

 The pics are taken with Hipastamatic in my little doll-foto-studio, which is basicly just a light box made out of cardboard. I got the floor and the wallpaper-pattern somewhere on the net and just printed it out. I used Barbie Basics Model Nr. 01.

So i don`t know when i will be back! My holiday is almost over and i have a lot of work to do.
Also i am into BJD-research right now (it`s like sience!)! I never wanted to get into it because i really expensive and i adore Barbie but when i did research about doll costumes on the Internet all the gowns and pics i liked where on BJD`s! I think i´m ready for the next scale...

So if any BJD addict is reading this: I would be very happy about a contact into this world! I have so many questions!

Be kind to one another....



  1. She's stunning!
    Amazing work, congratulations..!..

  2. Love the photos! The dress is amazing! Is the dress removable? Also is the parquet wood floor real or printed? It looks real, very nice!

  3. Thank u! You can remove the dress, yes. But it is kind of sewn in to give it a back-lacing effect and it is always a lot of work. So ikeep the dress on one Body and change the head if i need to!

    The floor you see is printed. But if you like it you will love what i am working on right now and what will be coming in spring! ;)

    greetings ;)