Montag, 9. Juli 2012

1875-80 Robe à la Polonaise/Robe a l'anglaise/ Part 1

Marie Antoinette vous embrasse!

I finally finished the Rococo Gown!

Rococo is very hard to do. With the boning and double skirts and everything.... But the reason it took so long is because i could not find the right light-blue fabric for the petticoat. There where moments when i was so pissed off that i wanted to give up working on it.
Then, a person i admire very much, said `Don`t let your hobby stress you. You should celbrate finding the right material!` So i did and went to a fabric store where i never was before, but always wanted to go. I got in and saw light blue silk right in front of me. And i knew it would work.

So this is a dress that is inspired by a Gown from JanetArnold- Patterns of fashion 1. It always was my favourite dress and i am very happy with how it turned out.  It reminds me of Marie Antoinette right before the revolution so i made Barbie this kind of more natural hairstyle.

Since i have holidays this week i have more time to go out to take pics. Because i like the dress down, i mean without it pulled into a polonaise, i decided to do also a post like this. So for the first part, the dress is more like a Robe a l'anglaise. But there is more to come these days!


Listening to:  Concerto in G - Vivaldi (Marie Antoinette Soundtrack)

The pics are taken in the castle in Halbturn/Austria(, which belonged to Marie Theresia, mother of Marie Antoinette. I used Renaissance Fair Barbie and Hipstamatic on Iphone.

Enoy summer, go and have an adveture!

Be kind to one another...



  1. It's very do well and more beautiful taht we buy in market.

  2. Thank u! Yes, well everthing is handmade. I think it would be hard for Mattel to produce it in this quality! ...;)