Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

Best of 80ies / Day-to-Night Barbie / 1984

Frankie Says Relax!

I grew up in the 80`ies. My parents did not really want me to play with Barbie`s. It was the good old `Boys don`t do that. Boys play football and cowboy.` I had a lot of Playmobile and Lego.
But on special occasions, like my birthday or christmas, i always wanted to have a Barbie. So sometimes my parents gave in and said yes, since they wanted me to be happy.

Day-to-night-Barbie is one of this special-occasion-dolls that i got. Because her hair isn`t that long i was not so much in love with her at first. But i remember that later, i loved playing with her, especially in water. She got that great pink-glitter-bathing-suit underneath.
Barbie was supposed to go from office to  a date with Ken, as far as i remember. So her skirt is reverseble and there is also a little play-set, turning from an office to an apartment with bed and closet.

Like all my old Barbie`s she did not survive my childhood because i always cut their hair off and stuff like that. But in the 90ies, when i started collecting, i bought a few of my favourite 80ies Divas back. Some of them i left in the box (like my all-time favourite Rock Star Barbie) because when there will be timetravel invented, i will go right back to 1986 and give little Axel his Barbie`s.
But some of them i got out, so i decided to have fun and do some pictures!


Listening to: Fancy - `Chinese Eyes`

Hope your summer is not so rainy like mine here in Austria,

Be kind to one another,


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