Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

When Christmas and Birthday come together in January there must be....

...a fellow collector getting rid of her Sindy-Furniture Collection!

You know, there are moments in a life of a Barbie collector, where everything comes together. In this case i mean it literal.

I´m obsessed with vintage Sindy furniture! It is hard to find a realistic looking 1/6 furniture piece and the Sindy-Stuff works great! No pink and no strange scales, like Mattel is doing it, most of the time. For about 10 years now, the yellow Sindy kitchen from 1979 was somehow impossible to get.
It reminds me of my grandmothers kitchen in the 80ies, that`s why i wanted to have it so bad... I searched everywhere i could, went on Ebay, flea markets ect. There where times when the kitchen was near but it never worked out. One time it was too expensive, another time it was completely broken.

There where a few other furniture things i was looking for, but never that intense. I thought by the right time, they will come.

Now a few days ago, i went on the Flea-Market website where i usually sell stuff i don`t need anymore (Willhaben.at) and just for fun, without expecting anything, i typed in `Sindy Furniture` on the search Area.
I could not believe my eyes. There was fellow collector who had listed all of the Items i was looking for years at once in a set and for a fair price! Not only the kitchen but also the white kitchen cabinet, the canopy bed and a wonderful Rococo/60ies dresser, that i did not even know about before, and much more!! And because i want to do a Room-Box soon i thought: `Bingo! Now or never! `

I have a Budget aside for this kind of case and i immediately wrote her a SMS the next day in the morning. She said i was the first one to call and invited me to come over and get it! I was really nervous and could not believe it until i was in her apartment and packed everything together.
She has limited space and had to get rid of a few things, even though i felt it was hard for her. But i hope she`s happy to know that i really, really will cherish every single piece. In case your reading this: Thank you so much !

The universe was on my side this time! Everything worked out wonderful and i am proud owner of fabulous Sindy furniture now!

And what do we learn from that? Just let go. When you do not find a certain piece that you want really bad, think : `Ok. It is out there. It`s not a question if, it`s just a matter of when i will find it!` This always works for me. Of course, i don`t stop looking, but i do it more relaxed then.

Take a first, glimpse look:

Listening to: Madonna - `Lucky Star`

Yai!!!! I love it!

A few flaws, one foot is missing and the mirror must be replaced.

Need`s a bit gold-paint, but will be great looking!

Also a few flaws here. But nothing i can`t fix.

I´m still looking for 3-6 yellow kitchen wall-cupboards to hang!!! If you have one or two or three or more in good condition and for a good and fair price and would like to sell them to me, please write me a message or a comment below! Oh! And of course: The yellow Washer! Never seen it anywhere! :(

Thank you!

Be kind to one another,


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