Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Corn Poppy Summer in 1785 / Robe a l'anglaise

Summer 2013 has arrived...

...and i am going back to 1785. All winter long i was sewing and crafting and finally, summer is back. I am not at all a "Winter-Person", as i said before. So you had to wait for new pictures, and i am sorry for that. But as you see, and as I hope, it was worth it. I will always keep on sewing for Barbie and post, I just dont do it regular. So thanks to all my Fans, Followers and Visitors for waiting.

What you see here is a 1780-85 inspiered Summer-Gown, made out of a cotton fabric. At these times people where reading Voltaire and had enough from the aristocratic, artificial, fussy Rococo. There was a "go back to nature"-movement in progress that lead to the french revolution in the end. Of course, living in these modern days, the fashion seems not natural to us at all. But i love the romantic feeling, the prints and more simpler patterns. At the same time the Hairstyles where bigger then ever before, but cool-people already started to lose the wigs. I was inspiered by the more "narural" Grey-white curly Hairstyles and decided to just let it down. I gave her a hot-water perm and it turned out really nice. You can also see one of my first re-roots here.

Last year i missed the time of the the corn poppy, when fields are all red red , so i planed a little better this year. And I got wind! ;)

I used "Barbie 2007" And gave her a re-root with a custom blend of HiHo-silver and Snow-White (mylittlecustoms). The Gown and jewellery are, of course, made by me.


Listeng to: Franz Schubert - German Dance No. 1 in C major (Barry Lyndon Soundtrack) 

 So have a great summer 2013! From my side there is a lot more to come!  So be curious and keep on visiting!

Love to the world.