Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

Floating 60ies!

 Hello World!

Well, since everyone loved my Underwater-Floating fashion Editorial from last year, i decided to do much more this year. Let"s start with the 60ies, shall we?

As you know, most of my historic-corset-dresses where handsewn and took forever to make. So the thing is: I need machine-training. That"s why i wanted to go into the 20th century, with tiny steps... The dresses you see here are inspired by Vogue Pattern Nr. 7552. I bought it in the 90ies, when it was still out and me and my first boyfriend tried to sew them, but where not so successful. Now i want to redeem myself with this Editorial.

I made all the patterns fit the Pivotal/ModelMuse-Body, which was a good practise to start doing my own patterns. You know i always had them made by my tailor. But i found out that i can do more than i thought!

What can i say about the 60ies, other than i love them?! Of course there was this big Revolution-Movement, everyone started to stand up for their rights. Woman started to show legs, the hair was big an beautiful, love, peace, Beatniks and, in my opinion, there was a lot of good music. 


Listening to: The Hunters - " Teen Scene " (AnEducation Soundtrack)

You can see my new OOAK-Girls here. Its Joan Jett, with a Re-root in a custom blend of Mocha and Brunette . And Sinatra-Barbie with a custom blend of Cognac and Stacy-Titan (everything Saran hair from and I made her new lips! The boots are vintage...

And what about my new Logo? I had it made by a professional and i am very proud of it. Axel Storm is becoming a brand....

I really hope you have a great summer. We got a lot of rain so far here in Austria, but i still believe it"s gonna be hot and sunny in July!

Be nice to one another,


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