Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2013

Floating 70ies!

Hello Everyone!

I love doing underwater-editorials! It"s a lot of work but also fun at the same time! Since Barbie does not much but being beautiful, I have to do everything. You wont believe all the things you have to think of. First you need to find the right light. Then you need to place and pose Barbie, you need to watch out that you are not on the pic, you have to put weight on your shoulders or hips to stay underwater. And because i dont use a oxygen bottle, i have to do everything holding my breath, hoping that the diving goggles dont steam up.

I use my I-phone to take the pics. I bought a underwater-case for it which works very well. Its just a little hard to see what pic you acctually have taken because there is a lot of reflection when shooting in daylight/sun. So I never know what i got until i open the case.

But I think I got a few pretty good shoots here.

I decided to do some 70ies inspired summer-dresses. I got some nice fabric from liberty-art-fabrics ,they have great prints and very thin cotton-mousseline, ideal for miniatur-tailoring.

I was born in the 70ies, so maybe thas why i love this era so much. Flower-prints, romantic gowns, long hair and platforms may never go out of fashion. When i look at the dresses i feel like they would work today and i know a lot of girls who would wear them

 Since i am a big Project Runway fan i also found a lot of inspiration in Uli Herzners flowy gowns...


Listening to: Junip - "Walking Lightly"

 I used my two OOAK-girls again (find out more here) Right now i am rerooting some more girls. I think i need to do a blonde for once. I am trying to get GreenLantern-Barbie for like months now. Totally love her in blonde. We will see, she plays hard-to-get with me.

Earrings are from Topmodel-Teresa and On Location - Barcelona. Silver bracelet is from Tim Gunn, the golden ones are custom.

Hope you enjoy your summer! Have you been on Holiday yet?

Be nice to one another,


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