Mittwoch, 28. August 2013

Summer of '69!

So this was the summer!

Yes, I think this was it. It already starts to get colder and I the days are shorter. We also have a lot of rain here.
  I experimented this year. With new doll stands and a landscape model i made. Also i did a lot of re-roots. Unfortunately i did not make as much pics as i wanted. I got  a new Rococo-Gown waiting to be photographed but i just aint got time to do it.

So for now we are in the 60ies again. Barbie goes to Woodstock, kind of. ;)

Listening to: Stop Children What's That Sound - Jefferson Airplane


 I used my Joan Jett Barbie again and my new girl, Green Lantern Barbie, who i finally found on Amazon! I rerooted her with a custom blend of Ash-Blonde and Platinium Blonde ( All Dresses and pics are made by me.

Be kind to one another,


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