Montag, 9. Juni 2014

Alice in Wonderland...

Making myself happy...

Since I can remember I always loved Alice in Wonderland.  I loved to read the book, I loved the Disney-movie from the 50ties and ther was also an animated series around in the 80ies that i loved to watch.
I think it's a perfect theme for Barbie because when Alice shrinks and talks to the flowers in the Disney version she might be at about Barbie's size. So I loved to playAlice with my Barbie.
What I dont undestand is that Mattel has not offered a satisfying version lately. Of course there are the 'Skipper as Alice' Dolls from the 90ties and there was this more artistic version a few years ago. But was there any original or Disney Inspired version yet? I mean really like 'Barbie as Alice..'?
No there was not. But of course we get another set of 'Gone with the wind'-Scarlets and 'Oz-Dohrothy's'.

So there's nothing else to do than making myself happy and create one by myself. This is what I came up with, this is what I would like to see from Mattel!


I used 'Daria Celebutante'. She got a reroot in Blondicous and Dark-Maibu  (Saran hair fom MyLittleCustom)

   Hope you love her as much as I do!



  1. Hello Axel, I just discovered your blog. You make beautiful clothes. I look forward to your further posts! Greetings Linda